Safety Features in Modern Cars

If you intend to buy a car, one of the item to ensure is what type of safety features is available inside the car. Unlike in the past where safety features of a car is just referring to simple things such as clear visibility. It now include more advanced systems such as anti lock braking system and electronic stability control.
Below are some of the Safety Features available in the modern cars now :

Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) is one of most important safety features in a car. This system allows the driver to have greater control over the steering wheel when an accident occur. It prevents the wheels from locking and skidding when performing an emergency brake on a
slippery road. It can helps to shorten the stopping distance. Brake Assist may not be so common among the cars but it works well with ABS. It monitors the drivers braking habits and if during an emergency braking, it will applys a much greater force on the brake than the driver does so that it will helps to stop the vehicle in time.
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) is another system that ofetn works with ABS. It works by providing hydraulic pressure to the front and rear wheels so that allowing greater control over the steering and stopping the vehicle. It prevents the rear wheels from lock up during the emergency brake.
Traction Control is to prevent the tyres from skidding while driving. It oversees the speed of four tyres and when it detect one tyre is turning much faster than the other three, it will slow down that fast moving tyre so that it can regain traction.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is to help the driver in control of the vehicle when an extreme concerning is detected. The computer controlled technology allows individual brakes on a single wheel to reduce the potential of skidding. It also helps to prevent the car from overturning when the vehicle crashes on an object while driving in a fast speed.





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